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Are you wondering...?

“Is it really free?”

Yup! The product is totally free. We do charge $1.00 (plus tax) for shipping and handling.
Really, $1 doesn’t cover the cost of shipping and handling. So why bother?

For age verification purposes. We need to make sure we’re selling our product to adults only. When we charge your card for that dollar, we can automatically verify your age in the process.

“Are there any catches?”

Nope. You get a free e-cig battery, free flavored cartridges, and a free USB charger. You pay $1.00 (plus tax) for shipping and handling. That’s it. No long-term commitment is being made. If you never want to talk to us again, we’ll understand. We’ll be sad, but we will understand.

Please note that by placing this order, you’ll be automatically subscribed to our promotional email list. However, you can easily unsubscribe at any time.

“Why can’t I complete the order?”

Hmm. That’s a great question. If you’ve ordered from us before, then you’re not eligible for this offer. Sorry!

However, if you’ve never purchased from us, and never registered yourself on our website, then it may have something to do with your browser cookies. Please contact our Customer Care team and they’ll sort everything out for you.

“How do I use your e-cig?”

Nothing could be easier. Pop a cartridge out, screw it onto the battery, and take a puff. Enjoy!

“What type of battery is this?”

Inside the metal casing of our e-cig battery is a lithium ion battery cell. The long battery, which comes with this free trial, is 270mAh and 3.7V. It takes approximately 4-6 hours to recharge.

“How long does the battery last?”

On a machine, in a laboratory, the long battery lasts up to 400 puffs. You may get different results, seeing as you’re not a machine in a laboratory. We hope. Also, keep in mind that lithium ion batteries may lose some charging capacity the older they get, resulting in the battery lasting for shorter periods of time.

“How do I use the USB charger?”

When your battery needs recharging, just plug the USB charger into the USB port of any computer. The light on the USB charger should turn green. Twist the battery into the charger. Now the light on the USB charger should turn red, indicating that the battery is charging.

When the battery is 99% charged, the light on the USB charger will start blinking between green and red. Once fully charged, the light will turn a solid green. Remove the battery and start vaping again.

Please note that the LED light of the battery may or may not light up while charging. Just ignore it. The only light that matters is the light on the USB charger itself.

“How will I know when the battery is drained?”

Normally when you take a drag, the LED light, at the tip of the battery, glows a solid green or red. When your battery needs recharging however, the LED light will blink while you’re taking a drag. We recommend charging the battery as soon as it starts blinking versus letting the battery drain completely. Doing this will maximize the overall lifespan of your battery.

“How will I know when the cartridge is empty?”

Normally when you take a drag, a thick plume of flavorful vapor arises from your e-cig. When the e-cig liquid in the cartridge is running out, both the flavor and vapor start to diminish. Which is sad. With luck, you’ll have another cartridge nearby, so you can go right back to the realistic-looking and sensational-tasting vapor that you love.

“Which flavor varieties do you sell?”

We sell six amazing flavor blends, including:

Red Label Tobacco™: A classic tobacco blend with a rich, robust taste.

Absolute Tobacco: A simple and straightforward tobacco blend with a smooth, full-bodied taste.

Tobacco Gold™: A luxurious and complex tobacco blend with a mellow, aromatic taste.

Menthol Ice™: A cool and refreshing menthol blend with a crisp minty taste.

Mocha Mist™: A distinctive and aromatic blend with a rich, roasted taste.

Smooth Cream™: A mellow and subtle cream blend with rich complex notes.

“My e-cig isn’t working - what’s up?”

Oh no! We totally understand how disappointing it is when your e-cig doesn’t work the way it should. The product in our free trial comes with a 30-day replacement policy. If you have any technical problems with your e-cig battery, then let us know ASAP. We’ll be happy to send a replacement battery if needed. Please keep in mind that there are no refunds on shipping and handling.

“I have a different question...”

Uh oh. We apologize for not having the answer to your question. However, we have an absolutely awesome Customer Care team. They love answering questions, big or small. They love talking to customers. Really, they just love customers in general. Give them a call. Email them. Or chat with them online. They’ll be more than happy to help you.

This offer is limited to one e-cigarette trial per person/household. USA Residents only. New customers who are at least 18 years old only (or the minimum age required by state law). We reserve the right to contact you with future promotions. This offer does not commit you to any future orders. Offer good while supplies last.

Please note: No refunds on shipping and handling. We will not send any replacement cartridges if the cartridges in this kit are faulty. We reserve the right to refuse any free trial request at any time. Where relevant, terms and conditions apply. If you are not satisfied with your free trial E-cigarette within 30 days of ordering, contact customer service at (888) 224-1345 to arrange for a replacement. E-cigarettes damaged through misuse, abuse, or modification will not be replaced.

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