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Meet Tiffany

Meet Tiffany

Contact Center Analyst

As a Green Smoke® customer, you’re probably familiar with our award-winning Customer Care Team and have grown accustomed to the outstanding service you receive when you reach out to us.

Let’s meet Tiffany, and learn a little about how our great customer service is mapped out and crafted behind the scenes.

Hi Tiffany. What is your current position at the Company?

I am a Contact Center Analyst. But I started out as a Customer Care Chat Specialist, which I happened to love.

Tell us a little about the training you received to be a Chat Specialist.

Well, the training was amazing: very thorough and rigorous. The trainers were fun, personable, and engaging. They created an educational and interactive environment in which we practiced and practiced until we were ready to go live. From the training I received it’s very evident that excellent customer service drives the Green Smoke® brand.

Not only was I very prepared to be on Live Chat by the time I finished the training, the whole Customer Care culture is one of support and transparency between supervisors and specialists. I was always able to reach someone for help, or an answer, or some guidance on a customer’s issue. In-house communication is a big value here.

Tell us about your new position.

Now I am a Contact Center Analyst. Instead of speaking directly to customers, I work behind the scenes with different departments to make sure our customer communications are in line with company policy, state regulations, and company values; that they are factual, substantiated, well-researched, well-crafted, and customer centric.

What is your background for this position?

I have an extensive background in retail customer service. I was also a logistics analyst for a Fortune 500 company in which I was the central hub of communications between various departments, similar to my current position. I feel the combination of the two, customer service and analytics, really prepared me to be a Contact Center Analyst.

How does Green Smoke® customer service compare to other customer service departments you’ve worked in?

The Green Smoke® customer service policy is to go above and beyond for every customer. It’s so refreshing to proactively give customers what they need or want. Our attitude is always, “Ok, let’s see how we can help you.” Also, because of the incredible support that reps get from their supervisors and other reps, customers get professional, on-target, quick answers to all their questions.

Where are you originally from?

I grew up on the Northside of Chicago, Illinois.

Tell us a little about your hobbies or special interests.

My training is in art, dance, and economics. A little diverse, no? Sketching has become a great way for me to relax and stay connected to the artistic side of me. My favorite medium is charcoal portraits. Occasionally a good friend or acquaintance will ask me to draw a portrait for them. It’s fun for me and people usually love the results.

The question of the day: What is your favorite flavor blend?

I’ve tried all the flavor blends. Smooth Cream® is definitely my favorite. I love it for its rich, smooth taste.

Thanks for talking with us today, Tiffany. We appreciate the behind-the-scenes peek at Customer Care and are more confident than ever that our customers are in good hands.
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