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Meet Scott

Meet Scott

Our QA Manager

Juggling a career in QA (Quality Assurance) for more than two decades has given Scott a perspective of the website most never consider. Scott and his team of software testers check the website’s programming and functionality before it gets to be the finished product that you enjoy.

“Searching for problems is like solving a puzzle, knowing I can find something if I try hard enough. It takes a certain kind of creativity to think of a new scenario that will uncover a previously undiscovered issue. It’s not for everyone, but I really love it,” he says. Scott brings that passion to everything he does. Scott has been working for the company for over five years and supervises a loyal band of testers.

How did you come to work for the company?

Over five years ago a hiring manager called me as a reference for a former colleague who was interviewing at the company. At the end of the conversation he told me they were also looking for a project manager. I recommended someone else for that job, whom they ended up hiring, too. Once my former colleagues started working there, they saw that my skills in QA were needed. They recommended that the hiring manager contact me, so after a series of interviews I also joined the company.

What do you do day-to-day?

Basically, my team and I look for bugs in the code and test all the new features of the website. We make sure that all the computer programming is good and that all systems are working well. It generally entails simulating the user experience by navigating the website, trying the latest promotions, and setting up orders. We also check numerous administrative tools that are used by customer care, shipping, marketing, sales agents, accounting, and more.

What is your biggest professional challenge?

Well, it is a big responsibility knowing that we’re the last line of defense. Everyone else knows that if they make a mistake, QA will find it. But who is going to check the testers? Only the customers - and we don’t want that! We have to be vigilant in our search for problems to make sure the customers (and also internal users) won’t have any issues.

What are top qualities needed to succeed at your job?

Compulsiveness to detail is the number one thing. We are all perfectionists and insist on excellence from the software development team. We look at the functionality of the features, the usability, and also the content to make sure that the graphics look good and the text is written grammatically and accurately. Those who succeed in my department are the types who can’t stand to see something that is a pixel off.

That concept extends to the functionality of our website for such things as making sure that the Auto-Ship subscription orders go out properly and the responsive layouts adjust perfectly to every resolution (for every cell phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer).

The other important quality is caring. We’re representing the customers, which is a big responsibility. When you’re acting on behalf of someone else, and you know that they’re counting on you, you have to work with higher integrity.

What’s your favorite part of working for the company?

I really enjoy reading customer feedback on our Facebook page and product reviews. It’s very rewarding to hear how much people like our products and also when they express their positive experiences with Green Smoke® Customer Care. It’s validating to hear that we’re doing things right.

What do you do for fun?

Most people in the office here notice the juggling balls on my desk (and often flying through the air when I take short breaks). I really got into juggling after doing a talent show with a friend when I was in my 20s. In 1993 I did a lot of street performing, and then I worked in a theme restaurant for six years doing my comedy show nearly every night. Now I occasionally perform at private parties, but juggling remains a hobby. I practice when I can, and I’ve traveled around the world to attend juggling conventions. My records are juggling with nine balls and five torches (no, not at the same time!).

So the next time you open our website, think of Scott and his team, juggling the details to make sure your experience is seamless.
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