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Meet Natalia

Meet Natalia

Logistics Team Leader

Coming from her native Argentina to work and study in the US, Natalia planned her career in Import/Export Logistics carefully. Touring an international trade show in Miami, she met a new connection and was hired within the week.

Her can-do attitude and consummate professionalism caught the attention of a vendor of theirs, an entrepreneur building an e-cig business. Natalia became the Number One employee for the Company. Her pole position has given her unique insight into the day-to-day operation and long term possibilities this industry presents.

What is your role at the company now?

I am responsible for the daily logistics and operations of our busy warehouse. The buck stops with me on issues related to order fulfillment, warehousing, inventory management, returns processing, procurement, and inbound quality inspection.

I started in the Customer Service Department learning about what our customers had to say about the product. I developed early policies and protocols for the Customer Service team and for returned items. I replied to emails, assisted customers on live chat, and rolled up my sleeves to get whatever needed doing, done.

At first I worked from my home, then, when we opened the Miami office, I started as Operations Manager to establish procedures for shipping, returns, and inventory. I negotiated and executed contracts with shipping carriers. I really handled all aspects of operations in the early days.

What is a typical day like?

Every morning our staff gets ready in their packing stations to start fulfilling our customers’ orders that will be picked-up in the afternoon. The rest of the team is working in the warehouse processing returns, performing incoming inspections, and so on.

My days are usually filled with meeting vendors and service providers. I am also in constant contact with our IT, Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing departments.

What are the top qualities needed to succeed at your job?

Without hesitation I would say problem solving and critical, analytical thinking. This industry presents constant challenges which require fast decisions.

The order volume and types of orders we receive, process, and fill every working day dictates how we deploy our very capable warehouse staff. I’ve played every position on this team: I know what customers expect from us and I know what challenges we have in order to answer those expectations. I have a real knowledge of this business because I’ve been here from the beginning, and that’s a huge plus!

Planning, coordination, and resource management are top qualities to succeed in this industry. We stay in close coordination in this fast-paced environment.

What are the qualities members of your team need to succeed?

My team really shines because they are flexible and adaptable to do what it takes to get these orders filled and shipped.

The people who succeed here are those whose goals are aligned with those of the organization: absolute dedication to getting our customers their orders in a timely fashion. At the end of the day the team members who succeed are those who want to please our customers.

The next time your Green Smoke® E-Vapor package comes, filled with your favorite flavor blends, think of Natalia and her dedicated team, who worked hard so you can sit back and enjoy vaping.
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