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Meet Manuel

Meet Manuel

Customer Care Shift Supervisor

Even the best reps are only as good as the team they are part of, and every team needs a leader. Introducing Manuel, one of our shift supervisors. If you’ve ever been asked, “Do you mind holding for a moment?”, there’s a good chance that your Customer Care Specialist was talking to Manuel, behind the scenes, to ensure you received the best service possible.

Manuel is a Coffee Aficionado

Originally from the upbeat, busy borough of Manhattan, and born to Colombian parents, it’s no surprise that Manuel’s favorite way to unwind is with coffee. He considers himself something of an aficionado, and even roasts his own beans to make different blends.

His current favorite is a Colombian Supremo and Tanzanian Kilimanjaro blend, which he calls “The Tanzanian Crest.” He remarked, “This particular blend has some really nice undertones, which complement a few interesting brighter notes to make a well-balanced end result that is great in espresso and also filtered prep methods.” Manuel said that often he drinks coffee to start his day, but sometimes it can be a rewarding end to his shift as well.

Coffee as a Metaphor for Customer Care

When asked how his love of coffee ties into his career choice he said: “You know, it’s a really fitting hobby for me to have as a shift supervisor. I like my customer service the way I like my coffee; it needs a blend of different flavors that work well, and ultimately it needs to be prepared with genuine care.”

Manuel elaborated by telling us that most customers are not simply calling to ask a question or seek assistance, but often they want to connect with the brand, and talking to one of our specialists is a simple way for them to do that. That’s where the blend of flavors comes in.

Empathy, genuine care, and efficient service are just a few of the flavors that give Green Smoke® Customer Care the unique ‘taste’ that our customers have come to expect. “We have quite a few different ‘flavor blends’ of representatives on our team, but the one thing they all have in common is being determined to make every interaction as smooth and satisfying for the customer as it can be.”

A Tip from Manuel to You

In Manuel’s 3+ years on our Customer Care Team, he noticed that one of the most common topics customers call about is shipping. Usually, they want to know when their order shipped (often the same day it was placed, or the next), or if an unforeseen external circumstance may be causing a delay in delivery.

“Both of these circumstances can be easily addressed by subscribing to our Auto-Ship Program, and this is often the solution I recommend for our loyal customers. It saves time and money, plus you can adjust your flavor blends and shipping frequency with ease.”

Manuel is off to check on his latest batch of beans, but the next time you call, ask your representative to say, “Hi!” to Manuel. You can rest assured he is behind the scenes working to make sure you have the best Green Smoke® E-Vapor experience we can offer.

Additionally, you can always check out our Help Center for answers to commonly asked questions.
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