WARNING: This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. It is intended for use by existing smokers above legal age only. Do not use this product to treat any medical condition or habit. Do not use if pregnant, breast-feeding or suffer from any medical condition. Stop use if you show any sensitivity to this product.

Meet Our Team

How Did We Start?

Our company was founded in Miami, by a husband and wife team. When they saw what was being offered to consumers by the e-vapor industry, they wanted to build something different and better.

They wanted to build an e-vapor brand that was personable, friendly, and honest. They envisioned a company with all-American, old-time values. Most importantly, they wanted their customers to be the brand's number one priority.

They dreamed of an e-vapor brand that would focus on building real connections with real people.

In 2014 the Green Smoke® brand was acquired by Nu Mark LLC, an Altria innovation company.

What’s Our Goal?

Our first and foremost goal is to provide a consistent vaping experience. Beyond that, we want to have meaningful connections with our customers, and we place Customer Care at the heart of that experience.

The StellaService award recognizes retailers for best-in-class customer service across phone, email, chat, shipping and returns. Green Smoke® e-vapor is a 2015 StellaService Elite Award winner in the chat category. Under 50 companies qualified for a 2015 StellaService Elite Award, highlighting the rigorous requirements for inclusion.

Customer Service core values:

✓ Give 100% effort every day.
✓ Build customer confidence in our product.
✓ Ensure excellent service in customer interactions.
✓ Act responsibly and with integrity.
✓ Be friendly and caring to all.
✓ Build a positive team environment.
✓ Innovate for the best performance.
✓ Encourage feedback for constant improvement.

Meet Cindy

Cindy is originally from South Africa, and started working for the company in March of 2012. She loves to run, as it helps to hone her discipline.

Cindy’s favorite part of working with our representatives is feeling truly rewarded by her job. She loves helping them achieve their potential. Cindy excels at her role in Green Smoke® E-Vapor’s Customer Care department specifically because she’s a very positive person who does not take things personally. One of her mantras is: “It’s not about me.” This helps her when she is speaking to a representative who is having a rough day.


Meet Ariel

Ariel is from Los Angeles, California. He started working for the company in February 2015 as an Associate Customer Service Trainer. His favorite part of the job is working with a fun, down-to-earth group of people. He enjoys contributing to various projects and connecting with people in other departments.

In his free time, Ariel is a professional photographer and an amateur astronomer. He says he enjoys anything space-related, keeping up with the latest news and discoveries by following social media. When he’s not gazing heavenward, he loves hanging out at the beach with his friends. He’s a keen music fan, and keeps current at the local art galleries, too.


Meet Alina

Alina is an Associate Customer Service Trainer. She has been with the company since October 2013, starting as a chat representative and making her way to the training position she holds today.

One of the things she most enjoys about the job is the great sense of community and family she feels. “It’s not only within the company itself, but also from customers,” Alina says. “Working for the company for so long, I’ve interacted with people from many different backgrounds, and I’ve learned a lot. People are interesting, and I loved hearing the various accents when I used to work the phones.”

In her free time Alina has two hobbies: painting and laughing. She explains, “Both painting and humor run in my family. Painting is the action of creating something out of nothing, and it’s very relaxing. My grandmother used to paint, and when she was 70 years old she decided to go to clown school. People say I take after her!”


Meet Darren

Darren is originally from California. He started working for the company in May of 2013. Starting as a Customer Care Representative, he worked his way up to the Customer Service Strategist role he holds today. His hobbies include mountain biking in nature and hiking, both of which he enjoys a lot.

Darren’s favorite part of working as a Customer Service Strategist is his opportunity to work with multiple departments to ensure he has the information needed to keep the reps well informed. His problem solving skills help him streamline necessary knowledge in the most efficient way so that our reps are ready to answer all questions from customers like you.

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Meet Taylor

Taylor is originally from California, and started working for the company in July of 2013. She loves creating arts and crafts masterpieces with her family. Her family members are very artistic, and this provides a great outlet for their energy and creativity.

Taylor’s favorite part of working with our customers is answering questions and helping people to understand our product better. She feels that because our company values its customers so greatly, she’s able to provide top notch customer care on a daily basis. She excels at her position specifically because she is a real people person, in that she loves chatting with and meeting new people. This trait gives her true enjoyment while working and allows her to succeed in her job. She gets to chat with wonderful people all day long, and help them also.


Meet Manuel

Manuel is originally from Manhattan, New York. He started working for the company in September of 2012.

Manuel’s favorite part of working with our customers is the opportunity to help others, and to make customers smile. He enjoys the challenge of having a fast-paced job, and the reward of successfully turning a negative interaction into a positive one. He is a great fit for his job because of his warmth, dedication, and outstanding communication skills. He truly wants to provide the best customer service possible, on a daily basis.

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Meet Caroline

Caroline is originally from New York, and she started working for the company in January of 2014. She loves painting and playing basketball. Painting gives her a creative outlet, while basketball helps keep her in good shape. Of course her family is always the top priority.

Caroline excels at managing her role specifically because she is a natural problem solver and loves change. Every day brings her new challenges and she loves thinking creatively to adapt and persevere by finding innovative solutions. She strives to make sure that the environment in which her representatives are working is a positive one, because happy representatives result in happy customers.

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Meet Todd

Todd is originally from Vancouver, British Columbia. He started working at the company in November 2014.

Todd enjoys the team support and interaction on the Customer Service team. He says he really appreciates his co-workers for their can-do attitudes. Todd also said he likes representing a product he believes in.

When he’s not at work, Todd enjoys a good book and sharpening his skills in the kitchen. Todd loves cooking family meals, especially spicy meat dishes. His hobbies include cross country bike trips, canoeing, snow shoeing, and cross country skiing.

Meet more members of our team: John Natalia NathanScottStephanieTiffany

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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