GreenSmoke® Flavor Blends and Nicotine Levels
  • Red Label Tobacco™ The classic taste of flue-cured, Virginia tobacco: smooth, mild, and sweet, with delicate floral overtones.

  • Absolute Tobacco The full-bodied taste of air-cured and uncased Burley tobacco: dry, aromatic, and distinctly woody.

  • Tobacco Gold™ The luxurious taste of sun-cured, Oriental tobacco blended with Virginia and Burley tobaccos: sweet and complex.

  • Menthol Ice™ The refreshing taste of total menthol. Experience a burst of cool, exhilarating flavor with every puff.

  • Mocha Mist™ The deluxe, sophisticated taste of fresh-brewed coffee blended with subtle hints of roasted nuts.

  • Smooth Cream™ The gourmet and mildly sweet taste of fresh cream and fragrant extracts. Enjoy a delicate, refined flavor blend.

  • Mountain Clove™ The exotic taste of clove mixed with cinnamon and nutmeg. A muted sweetness adds depth to this warm and spicy flavor blend.

Not all flavor blends are available in the state of California.