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Vaping is all about the thick, satisfying draw, and when you choose an eCig, you deserve nothing less. Any brand can claim to have luxurious, realistic vapor, but how many can back those claims with glowing customer reviews, raving about the unbelievable vapor and taste? We can. Check out what our customers have to say about our flavored eLiquid cartridges, and then try one for yourself!

In addition to one of the best draws in the industry, we also offer a variety of 7 flavor blends and 5 nicotine levels. You can pick and choose to find the flavor blend and nicotine level that's perfect for you. Throw in award-winning customer care, and totally free shipping on all paid orders within the U.S.A., to get an all-around amazing vaping experience.

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Starter Kits: Everything You Need to Begin

Whether you're new to e-cigarettes, buying for two, or just looking for convenient vaping on-the-go, we have a kit to suit your budget and lifestyle. Give it a try with our Essentials Kit, or go all out with our Ultimate Kit. We even offer self-contained, disposables, so you can try vaping without buying any extra gear.


Electronic Cigarette Pro Kit Electronic Cigarette Ultimate Kit Electronic Cigarette Express Kit Electronic Cigarette Love Birds Kit
Pro Kit Ultimate Kit Express Kit Love Birds Kit


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Green Smoke® eCigs Offer Superior Vapor & Exceptional Flavor Blends

Customize your vaping experience! Not only can you choose from three distinct and flavorful tobacco options — as well as a cool, fresh-tasting menthol — you can also get sweet and savory with Mocha Mist™, Smooth Cream™, and Mountain Clove™. You can even sample 5 different flavors at once with our variety pack (sorry, some of these flavors are not available in California.)




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Extras: Make the Most of Your eCigarettes

The most satisfying electronic cigarettes around are made even better with the right accessories. Whereas some brands give you only one or two options to customize your vaping style, we offer nine unique designer batteries. Green Smoke® e-cigarettes come in traditional styles, as well, with both red and green tips. Add on a charger, and an attractive carrying case, and start in style!


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WARNING: This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. It is intended for use by existing smokers above legal age only. Do not use this product to treat any medical condition or habit. Do not use if pregnant, breast-feeding or suffering from any medical condition. Stop use if you show any sensitivity to this product. This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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