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Green Green Everywhere!

Green Green Everywhere!


How many greens make up our world? Have a look at our infographic and see the progression of green from pigment-producing minerals and sparkling gems through plants, animals, and more. What’s your favorite hue?

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Aaron, our Creative Manager, led the team who handled this project. He wrote the creative brief, selected the agency, ensured production quality, and generally marshalled the project through.

Vapedia, Part 2

Vapedia 2: Weights and Measures


De-mystify some e-cig technology and measurement lingo. These concepts are the underpinnings of the know-how that went into creating the fabulously smooth and predictable Green Smoke® e-vapor.

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When our company was started, the e-cigarette industry was full of bulky and complicated vaping devices. Even the mini-style e-cigarettes contained multiple parts, making them difficult and messy to use.

Our founders saw tremendous potential in e-cigarettes, and they decided to market a device that was more user-friendly. To this end, our e-cigarettes are intricate in design, but easy to use. Just put a cartridge on, and start puffing.

The internal processes however are far more complex. When you take a puff, a sensor is activated. The sensor triggers the smart chip. The smart chip, which is in charge of turning the battery cell on and off, activates the battery.

The activated battery powers a heating element inside the cartridge. The heating element vaporizes the e-liquid, turning it into a thick, realistic vapor. The vapor generally contains nicotine and flavors.

This whole process takes milliseconds — from your perspective you draw on the e-cigarette, enjoy the flavor, and exhale. Simple. Easy. Pleasurable. That’s what we’re all about.

If you are not interested in all the nitty-gritty technicalities, then we recommend skipping this section. For those who want to know, read on!

E-Cigarettes have two main parts, but inside each part are multiple components:

Battery: The stainless-steel battery casing holds a lithium polymer battery cell, a smart chip, a sensor, and a small LED light. At one end is the LED cap. At the other end is a connector piece. This is used to connect the e-cig battery into the USB charger and for connecting the battery to the cartridge.

The battery supplies the power to the heating element, and is activated by the sensor when you inhale. The LED light glows while vaping, and also lets you know when the battery needs recharging.

Cartridge: The e-cig cartridge casing holds e-liquid components and electrical components. At one end is a mouthpiece. At the other end is a connector piece, which is used to connect the cartridge onto the battery.

The e-liquid is stored in an absorbent pad and the heating element vaporizes the e-liquid that is delivered from the absorbent pad via high-temperature wicks.

Our cartridges include FlavorShield™ technology to ensure a long-lasting vaping experience. Read more...

Our specially formulated e-cigarette liquid includes tobacco-derived nicotine, glycerol, propylene glycol, and flavors.

Glycerol and propylene glycol form a thick, clear liquid that produce the vapor effect.

We use flavors to create our seven sensational e-cig flavor blends. Our popular Menthol Ice™ specifically includes menthol in its formulation.

In addition, our vapor has only the slightest smell. The odor might linger for 1-2 seconds, but it’s generally the fragrance corresponding to the flavors in the liquid. Most people consider the smell to be quite pleasant. You can enjoy a vaping session, and seconds later, no one will be able to tell.

The final part of our liquid, nicotine, is derived from tobacco. We offer five levels of nicotine in every e-cig flavor blend: 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, and 2.4% (NBW).

In today's ever-expanding e-cig market, the Green Smoke® brand stands apart. While everyone claims to have the highest vapor volume, richest taste, the longest lasting batteries, and industry-leading quality, the real proof is in the pleasure.

Look at customer reviews on our website — you can see that customers testify about the quality of our product. Our cartridges alone have over 4,000 reviews, and average 5/5 stars. We feel that the tremendous amount of time, energy, and money that we invest in research, development, and quality control is clear, once you try our e-cigarettes.

Plus, we back our words with action, and guarantee your total satisfaction. You can return every one of our starter kits for 100% money back — we'll even pay for the return shipping. How many e-cigarette companies offer that? Our no-hassle refund policy lets you try our product with peace of mind.

Better yet, we're more than happy to offer you a Green Smoke® coupon to lower your initial costs. Just because. Experience our starter kits for yourself. They have everything you need to vape, and offer the best value on our site. Shop kits now

WARNING: This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. It is intended for use by existing smokers above legal age only. Do not use this product to treat any medical condition or habit. Do not use if pregnant, breast-feeding or suffering from any medical condition. Stop use if you show any sensitivity to this product. This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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